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Why should i worry about Spywares

This term may sound familiar to you, and if it does, it may mean you are in serious trouble. If your computer has warned you about this, it means that your computer is infected with this new type of software. This type of software is designed to get into your computer, always without your consent,  Full Article…


Why buy an Antivirus, Top 10 Antivirus

Safety in the computer may seem difficult to achieve, but with the right help and guidance, it may be possible. Nowadays, through the internet the computer is constantly being attacked. Viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. are all problems you have to face if you do not have the proper antivirus.


Why Buy Tablet vs Laptop

The age of technology has brought a wide array of advanced devices from personal computers to laptops, and now tablets. A tablet is a portable device that is easy to carry and offers high functionality. This modern day product is compatible with ingenious apps like games, news, and countless different utilities. Aside from mobility, the  Full Article…