Why Dogs are Better than Cats

Our society is divided into two parts when it comes to the preference of pets; there are “dog people” and “cat people”. Dogs and cats are totally different from each other. Both have pros and cons but they are unique in their own manners.

In this article, dogs are unquestionably better than cats. Let us take a look at some reasons why dogs are truly better than cats. Remember, they would not be called humans’ best friends for nothing.

Dogs are Better Companions than Cats

Dogs are humans’ best friends. This term would not be coined for no good reason at all. Dogs are faithful companions and pets for over a thousand years. They are very devoted to their owners. The strong bond that humans and dogs share is truly undeniable. It is even comparable to a parent-child association. Whether you agree or not, dogs can love you unconditionally. But cats are different; they love their selves more than else. Cats are self-centered.

Dogs are Obedient than Cats

Dogs are more obedient than cats. For instance, when you are training these two animals, dogs are more likely to obey tricks like lying down, sitting, standing up and many more. On the other hand, cats will just sit in the corner and look at you but would not respond. Dogs are easier to teach because they are smarter and can understand the trainer’s instructions.


Dogs Can be Trained

Yes, you can train a cat but it will take you luxury of time before it will perform some tricks. Cats are difficult to be trained because they have a world of their own. Sometimes, cats would just do what they want to do and would not care to their owners or trainers. On the other hand, dogs are very responsive to cues and can even perform tricks such as rolling, sitting, turning on/off a switch or even picking up a basket. You can easily motivate dogs by giving them food. In addition, dogs have problem solving capabilities.

Dogs Listen

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Dogs have good listening skills. When you cry out their names, they will immediately come to you because they listen. When you talk to a dog face to face, they act as if they understand your words; they will promote eye to eye contact and even tilt their heads. But try to call a cat, they will snob you and walk away.

Dogs are Happier than Cats

If you feel sad and upset, dogs can cheer you up. They can make you smile despite of what your negative feelings, they will jump on you, lick your face and their endless tail-wagging can bring happiness. Dogs have a happy disposition in life. Happiness is contagious. So, if you have a happy pet then you are more likely to be happy. Meanwhile, the cats will just lie down in their baskets.

Dogs Promote an Active Lifestyle

Dogs love going and playing out. They love walking and running. They enjoy chasing a ball and a disc. Dogs are very interactive and playful. You can even play and exercise with them. But have you seen a cat playing and participating in some energetic activities? Cats do prefer staying at home and do their personal thing.

Dogs are Good for Your Health

For some, their dogs are their stress relievers. With their happy and active lifestyle, they will encourage you to have a walk in the park and this can lighten up your mood. But have you seen a cat going for a walk outside? I think not.

Dog can Protect You Against Danger

Admit it; protecting their owners is not a specialty of cats. Cats are very tiny creatures and do not have the strength to carry out a fight with strangers or any harm. However, dogs can protect you and your home against threats. With their barks and sharp teeth, they will surely frighten intruders. Protecting their territories are dogs’ instinct. Dogs can also alert you if there is an incoming calamity such as flood and earthquake.

Dogs Love Water but Cats Don’t

Dogs enjoy bathing and playing in the water. Have you tried bathing a cat? If you have not yet then be ready for some scratches; with its sharp claws, it will surely leave unpleasant markings on your skin. Cats do not like water, they just lick their furs to clean their bodies; whereas, dogs can be bathed effortlessly.

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