Why Iron handicrafts Exists

Although there is the widespread belief that it is just the opposite, iron is an extraordinarily flexible and malleable material. It is clear that it remains a sturdy and resistant material, which stands out for its hardness, but, well worked by the hands of an expert craftsman, the iron can become a surprising variety of pieces with decorative applications and adopt all kinds of forms, from The simplest to the most elaborate and beautiful. Iron is tremendously adaptable.

When thinking about iron crafts immediately come to mind images of bars, balconies or covers of that material that adorn buildings we know. Or appliques and adornments that complement those pieces with vegetal motifs, tips, spirals, etc. But the decorative possibilities of iron do not deplete when you cross the door of your home. In iron you can find decorative applications that are not only limited to the exterior of the house, we think of the flowerpots that hang from those balconies, they are also iron crafts, and they do not have to be an exterior piece. We can find them in different forms inside the houses, in galleries, patios or living rooms.

balcones-antiguos-hierroAnd it goes beyond. One of the advantages of iron crafts is that if you find the right craftsman you can hire him to make any piece that our imagination can conceive in practically any style that we need to combine with the furniture and general tone of a room, or a entire house. We are talking about pieces made to measure, literally, in dimensions as well as in style or finishes.

The limit is really in our own imagination and this is an almost infinite field. We can go from pieces that anyone would look for in a room, such as lamps or hangers, to smaller pieces, a traditional candelabrum or more sophisticated decoration accessories such as a magazine, a wine holder, a dish rack or a nice headboard for a bed. By power, we can use artistically transformed iron to play even structural functions like beams or pillars, or functional, an entire staircase in wrought iron to access the second level of a loft? And why not?

Even the furniture. Think of wrought iron stools for your American kitchen. And if it is a balcony, patio or porch, why not order a unique wrought iron garden furniture? They will bring the perfect combination of class, style and resistance to inclement weather. Compared to any wooden furniture, some iron pieces will always gain in strength and economy of maintenance. A layer of anti-corrosion, a little care and a coat of paint per decade is all they will need to decorate a garden, pergola or gallery.

The great versatility of iron as a material and undoubtedly attractive and undeniable added value of unique pieces of craftsmanship custom made by an expert craftsman make iron crafts an option of decoration that deserve a place in your project of reform or decor. They are durable, practical and hard to find more robust and reliable. The only drawback you will find is that they are very capable of accompanying you for a lifetime.

Content in spanish: Balcones Hereria Artistica

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