Why Sojourn in Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful areas on the planet.  Along with its beauty it has an unmistakable history that marked breakthroughs which gave birth to western civilization.  That in itself could be enough lure, forcing you into seeing it with your own eyes, but there is much more to experience.  Spacious countryside, romantic scenery, beautiful beaches and breathtaking art also await you in one of the most internationally visited places on earth.  Along with its friendly atmosphere and tasty cuisine, the question should change from “Why visit Greece?” to “Why not visit Greece!”

greece-viewIf you are not yet convinced that this is the destination you seek, let’s elaborate on what you could do in a week s vacation in Greece:

Arrive in Athens, the largest city and capital of Greece.  Once you’re settled in your quarters you visit the Acropolis to take in the Parthenon, a temple which completed construction in 438 BC.  Take your time and take it all in, who knows when you’ll return!  After you see the temple, you go to the Acropolis Museum to look at the many arciological finds exhibited on its beautiful landscape.  Then stop by the Theater of Dionysus, what some would call the birthplace of modern drama.  After you’ve spent the day seeing many glorious historical wonders, stop in one of the many restaurants and grab a romantic bit.

The following day after a healthy breakfast, you have a decision to make.  Athens has many museums with a lot to see.  You can choose to continue your museum tour while also taking in the city, or you can decide to head to Santorini where soft sand and cool clear water awaits you on its beautiful beaches.  You’re in Athens already.  Before you leave the city, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is a must see!  They display collections dating back to 6800 BC, the mask of Agamemnon, and countless artifacts that you will never see anywhere else.  After your last round of museums in Athens you can catch an overnight ferry to the island of Santorini.

Take the next couple of days seeing the beauty of Sanroini Island.  The quality of the beaches from one end of the island to the other will take your breath away!  Preissa Beach on the southern part of the island is said to be one of the best beaches in Santorini.  With soft black sand and crystal waters, this tourist friendly beach is a slice of paradise.  Kamari Beach is just as beautiful with clear blue water and black sands.  There are endless cafés and restaurants with delicacies that all will enjoy.


The last few days could be spent in many ways.  You could take a ferry to Crete where you will find more beautiful beaches and the ancient ruins of Knossos.  You could also get back to Athens where you could take some day trips. One day you can go to Delphi where you can visit the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Delphi Museum.  Another day you could take a tour to Cape Sounion where you can visit the Temple of Poseidon and enjoy serine countryside and sunset views.

The time you spend in Greece will seem to fly by, but the experience will last you a lifetime.  No words can truly express the positive affect a trip such as this can have on you.  You might have to just go and find out for yourself!

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